New Year of New Goals

It is 2013 now and there are so many things to look forward to this year that I am excited about. I won’t share them all here, but those that know me know that I am very excited about November. :]
My graduation ceremony is just around the corner and I have been anxiously awaiting that and my family being there to watch me walk the stage.

With this year already setting sail, I have made one simplistic new years resolution that I feel will greatly impact myself. The resolution I speak of is to just make every task I do throughout my day into a checklist and stick to it. Along with this, I have also taken the opportunity to create my list of life goals that I can also cross out as I achieve them. Of course I will have to make it into a hard copy in case I lose my phone, but for the mean time I have just been practicing a daily to-do list and working up from there. :]
Cheers to a new year filled with challenges and success for everyone! πŸ™‚

I’m looking forward to blogging and tweeting more often. πŸ™‚


Going Mobile!

I’ve finally gone mobile and will be posting from my phone now. There are so many new things in my life ever since my last post. The most important being the accomplishing of my personal goals. I can proudly say now that I have graduated college with my bachelor degree in game and simulation programming. Along with this, I can now spend more time honing my personal skills in both programming and 3D art development. That means that the blogging community here will see many more posts from me. πŸ™‚

For the time being now I will be preparing for the holidays and doing some much needed chore work before I can do my aforementioned practice. πŸ™‚

Happy Friday WordPress! πŸ™‚

Second Wind

Finally my internet is back running fully operational. What’s the first thing I want to do you ask?

Believe it or not, homework! Afterward, programming! This Discrete Math class has renewed my interest in programming and the technical aspect of the gaming industry. I want to program everything I can and get better as soon as possible.

The more I think about graduating and how close it actually is, (4 classes away!?) I suddenly am brimming with energy in doing the best I can and run as fast as I can past that finish line. It takes me back to my old high school days when I was in cross-country and jogged the endless amount of miles to reach the finish line. College has been nothing more than baby steps to conserve my energy, keep myself in for the long-haul, and learn as much as I can until I see that finish line. Suddenly the sight of graduation in October floods my mind with that reminiscent and powerful second wind that floods my body with so much energy that I launch forward running with all I have saved up as the words, “I’m the hero of my own story” reverberates louder as I draw closer towards the end.

Long Time No Blog

Every time I get back into this, it seems I get a little too busy to maintain the schedule I wish to keep.

Things I have learned since my lasts posts?

I seem to love overthinking.

I am very much an introverted person.

I am starting to get sick of relationships.

I like sitting in silence with headphones on that don’t play anything.

There’s a lot of people in this world who distract me when they shouldn’t.


With that being said there are a lot of people I really feel bad about having to let go of, not that they are stupid, but I find myself too concerned about their lives than my own. It’s not too late to focus on myself before someone takes myself away from… myself, ha. πŸ™‚ Which is where this lovely blog comes in handy and I seem to take for granted. There are wonderful benefits for myself here which I love to share. For those of you reading this, thanks for actually following me and reading my posts. If there’s one thing I learned and have been enjoying, it’s learning and realizing things about myself that I never focused on. I strongly encourage everyone who reads this to take a step back once in a while and analyze your own behaviors. πŸ™‚

Enough ranting for tonight. I came on here because I am currently on Spring Break from school. (Finally some sort of break!)

My official graduating month is October πŸ™‚

This class session coming up is surely to be a busy one. I’m so excited to be 2 more classes closer to graduating! πŸ˜€

I’m going to bed now though. I will keep posting throughout this week until I start getting a bit more preoccupied with school, as usual. πŸ™‚

Good night fellow bloggers! πŸ˜€

Busy Busy Busse

It’s been quite a ride for me this session for me.

I’ve been working on DirectX, OpenGL, and a class that is dedicated to making me stress over writing once more.

Needless to say being the leader of a group definitely has me feeling much more responsibility and forces me to make sure I prove why I am in the position.

With that being said though, I can’t wait for this session of classes to end and another to begin. Mainly because I just want to graduate and learn other types of programming on my own spare time rather than as an outdated assignment.

I’ve decided that I will be writing on my Blog every Tuesday (for various reasons that help contribute to my productivity and provoke my thoughts with eagerness to succeed). Tuesdays are days I wish to be for myself and only myself. On these days I will typically lounge around and play video games with some working out and cleaning in between, but some Tuesdays I definitely find myself in the mood for much more intricate things like practicing my programming in XNA or Java or sculpting in Maya.

One of the things I have become amused by is that I have taken an interest in so many different things relating to game development and it’s no wonder why I am not well-versed (not yet at least) in any of them.

This session, upon using DirectX and OpenGL, I have found myself completely motivated to program more than I ever have because it’s exciting to figure something out once you understand what’s happening with each line of code. However, the downfall is that I feel I have a lot more to learn and once I am thrown something entirely different than what we were working on previously, I choke when I get the “stuck” feeling and it really sucks to not have as much time to focus as I want with all the “necessary cleaning” that needs to be done around the house. Still though, I am happy to be learning and glad I haven’t lost complete interest in programming.


As for blogging, well, let’s just say I am figuring it out as I figure myself out and I am glad to have it go hand in hand. πŸ™‚

For now though, I should sleep. After all, it’s Tuesday ;D

See you next Tuesday!

Happy New Year!

Wow, I have never had such a busy break off from school and so much quality time with my SO.

Don’t worry, wordpress, I wasn’t neglecting you. I was just temporarily away from computing and online interactions, which to my surprise, felt so refreshing.

The Aquarium of the Pacific was a great experience and I was even more surprised to see frogs, my favorite animals on earth, on display there. After Xmas was through, I packed up and went up to visit my girlfriend for new years in Santa Barbara and spent the weekend there to celebrate with her and treat her while I was there. I also made myself useful and helped her landlord out with repairs, cleaning, and setting up her electronics before my girlfriend got home while getting a head start on my upcoming course textbooks.

This was the best vacation and time away from home and school I have ever had in a long time. I am not excited to be home, but it’s wonderful to know I have a home away from home. πŸ™‚

There’s so much more to look forward to in this coming year. I don’t know where to even begin! One step at a time, of course, but so far it’s definitely a happy new year and I am grateful for everything I have had this past year and still have now.

Now it is time to get back to work. This session my classes include working with DirectX and OpenGL! From my readings, it definitely sounds like a challenge, but also very fun.Β The other class is about technology in society and culture. Let the games begin!

Old MMO Memories always come out of nowhere.

Just recently I have been missing Final Fantasy XI more. With the new coming updates of lvl 99 being launched, and one of my favorite and different pet jobs of all Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games being updated (Puppetmaster) how I wished it would (automaton [pet] casting buffs, separate cast times for each spell type, and attachment fixes) I have more reason to want to go back when it was one of the two jobs I looked forward to playing and was complimented on for being great at it.

Of course, I hadn’t found all this out until recently after stumbling upon this old flash file that just brought back such hilarity and amusement to my old memories of playing. Then I went to the old ffxi clopedia website to see where it is now since I have been gone.

The link below is the image I stumbled upon. I have a feeling that if I send this to my brother, who I shared an account with Β for many years, he’ll probably just be filled with the same such memories that I am that made us fall in love with our old community of online friends from FFXI.

Who remembers when Ridill was one of the most sought after weapons in the game because of its rarity? I sure do.Β (The song is “Caramelldansen SpeedyCake Remix” for anyone who enjoys it.)

It doesn’t depress me to think these changes are being made now and “it’s too late” since I have long time quit.

What it does is remind me of where I have come since Final Fantasy XI Online. How I have grown as an individual. Anyone who has indulged in some extended period of an MMO as a teen growing up really has something to look back to. I made a lot of great friends in FFXI and I still connect Β with them ever since then. When I say great, I mean literally they are now on my facebook and contacts in my phone and we talk here and there through texts, messages, and sometimes even calls. Here’s to having fond memories and great moment to look back to as I matured through high school and continued into college where I shall soon graduate with my BA and get myself out into the gaming industry.